Friday, January 15, 2010

Memories, please don't fade away..

kek dopan pagar jadi ingatan

aku tahu rambut aku macam sial time ni

nak buat macamna,kami tak matang lagi time ni

Ulu Bendul with NST 13 dudes

Seremban Parade rocks!

born from different fathers,children of different time

we were young and desperate to start something new

last day at kuala pilah with uncle guna and his hip hop van

pekan kuala pilah with friends

night streets of kuala pilah yaww!

bodohkan anak cina yang depan sekali?


To kuala pilah dudes that know me as Musang,

Just wanted you guys to know that I really miss you guys so much.This post is a dedication of friendship, a struggle that we've been through when we try to sneak out from campus to watch football games,celebrating everyone's birthday with throwing stinky dump eggs,frogs, and whatsoever,having a great hang out to Upwell supermarket(so kampung u knoww),playing futsal in the evening wearing boxers,the place that we hate once on our first day of registration,those pukimak pak guard that always tried to caught us up smoking,I just realized how miss that I am to be there again with you guys.

You guys will always be miss,

Musang Aziz of Mungkin Salah Tafsiranmu Itu


  1. soooo sweet musang!! hahahaha

  2. Haaa... friends.. some betray, some stay... and some just gives you the gift of memories that lasts you more than a lifetime.. :)

    memori2 indah yang bakal mngkonpiuskan antara sayu dan ceria... :P

  3. knapa la kau post blog mcm ni. kan aku dh rindu dkat kau. cpatla balik. raya cina ni aku nak jumpa kau.